I have always considered fundamental for my profession to pursue excellence both in surgical techniques and in clinical competency.

The significant experience accumulated collaborating with surgeons all over the world allows me to follow each patient throughout the medical treatment with a multidisciplinary approach.

In particular I have dedicated myself to the following surgical fields:

  • surgery of the Autonomic Nervous System – ETS, ELS – performing more than 1000 interventions;

  • Bariatric surgery – developed in the U.S.– which I perform together with specialized surgeons in Rome;

  • Senology – with Master Courses at the University of Rome and collaboration at the Camargo Oncologic Centre of S.Paulo, Brasil;

  • War surgery and tropical surgery performed in war contexts, low income regions and humanitarian programs.

Education and Training:

  • MD-PhD Medicine & Surgery

  • Medical Specialty in Emergency and Trauma Surgery

  • Master’s Degree: Tropical Surgery

  • Master’s Degree: Aesthetic Surgery “hands on”

  • Master’s Degree: Senology

  • Surgeon at the Emergency and Trauma Surgery Unit at Aurelia Hospital, Rome ; S.Anna Clinic – Pomezia, Rome; S.Maria Goretti Hospital, Latina

  • Registered in Italy (OdM Latina nº 2934), Spain (COM de Barcelona nº 46574), U.K. (GMC nº 4080787).

Present Jobs Assignments:

  • Surgical activity in: Turin, Padua, Bologna, Florence, Rome, Latina, Naples, Bari, Palermo

  • Surgical activity in Madrid, Barcelona

  • General Surgeon at the Policlinico Universitario Campus Biomedico – Rome

  • General Surgeon at the Tuscan Surgical Centre, Arezzo

  • Surgeon Advisor at the Pediatric Hospital Bambino Gesù, Rome

International Solidarity

Volunteer work represents my contribution to the diffusion and accessibility of the best practise even in the absence of developed Health Systems.

Since1999, through the institution of a charity fund, I have been able to promote and support several projects which aimed at reducing such developmental divide.

Medical timeline

1982 – 1997:  Italy, Turin
  • Assistance to disabled people at the Cottolengo Hospital

1993 – 1994:  Italy, Rome
  • General and Tropical Medicine, Outpatient Surgery, Ultrasound Diagnostics at the Caritas Health Centre for Immigrants and Indigent People

1995 – 1996:  Former Yugoslavia
  • Humanitarian Relief in Croatia during the war conflict

1997:  Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Set up and developed a Reorganisation and Support Project for a Health District

1997:  Brazil
  • Set up a Specialised Medical Care Programme for infants affected by craniofacial anomalies in San Paulo

1999:  Established a non profit organization: children onlus – charity fund- (
2000: Guatemala
  • Interventions of General, Gynaecologic, Plastic, Reconstructive, Paediatric Surgery at the “Hermano Pedro” Catholic Mission in Antigua (children onlus)

2001:  Ivory Coast
  • Surgical Campaign for children affected by Buruli Disease at the Italian Catholic Mission in Zouan-Hounien (children onlus)

2001: Republic of South Africa
  • Established pre-primary education institutions in rural areas (children onlus)
  • Support to safety place for AIDS orphans (children onlus)

2002:  Togo
  • Interventions of General, Obstetric, Gynaecologic, Traumatic and Paediatric Surgery at the St. Joseph Catholic Mission in Datcha (children onlus)

2005:  Uganda
  • Interventions of Plastic, Reconstructive, Orthopaedic Surgery at the Lacor Hospital in Gulu (children onlus)

2009:  Ethiopia
  • Interventions of General, Plastic, Reconstructive Surgery at the HEWO Hospital in Quihà

Global Health

I strongly believe that abilities and knowledge should be shared and be accessible on a global level according to a multidisciplinary approach. My engagement with Health Management proceeds from and is strengthened by clinical competency in the field. Therefore, throughout the last 28 years of my professional experience as surgeon, I have approached and committed myself to Global Health and the Development and Management of Public Health Systems.

As Global Consultant on Public Health I have had the opportunity to cooperate with the main international institutions (Unicef, WHO, ICRC, Msf) and attain significant experience in the following fields:

  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Disaster Preparedness & Response
  • Emergency Operation Centre
  • Mother & Child Health
  • International Health Regulation
  • Migrant Health
  • Executive Training

I am presently Senior Advisor of the DPR Development Plan at the Ministry of Health of Jordan, and will be involved in a project promoted by the WHO – World Health Organization – on the EOC Development Plan in Jordan and Afghanistan.

Global Health Educational Degrees

  • Diploma on Tropical Medicine & Hygiene – Royal College of Physicians of London

  • Master on Tropical Surgery – University of Rome, “La Sapienza”

  • ICHM – International Master Course on Health Management – Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Rome

  • AHLF – Advanced Global Health Leadership Forum – Berkeley University, San Francisco – USA

Emergency Medical Services

2005 –2009:EMS Programme Manager for WHO – World Health Organization – European Office – Barcelona – Spain

  • Strengthened the core functions of the Health Systems of all Member States of the WHO – European Region (Europe and Central Asia)

  • Promoted an integrated model of a national policy for a network of emergency system

  • Advised Ministries of Health of the European Region of the WHO to strengthen capacity to deliver Emergency Care

  • Assisted Governments and MoHs in the application to international funding and granting mechanisms

  • Supervised the EU funded project on “Assessing effectiveness of EMS systems in Europe and strenghtening coordination mechanisms among EU member States”

Key achievements

  • Published the book “Emergency Medical Systems in the European Union“

Disaster Preparedness & Response

2004 – 2009: DPR Co-ordinator and Member of the Support Team for WHO – World Health Organization – European Office – Barcelona – Spain

  • Integrated the EMS and the Disaster Preparedness & Response programmes with functional and operational links. Collaborated with DPR to the planning of the unit

  • Contributed to the upsurge capacity of the organization in time of disasters & emergencies
Key achievements:

1998: DPR Head of Office for WHO – World Health Organization – European Office – Kosovo – Serbia-Montenegro

  • Planned contingency for emergency preparedness in the verge of the refugee crisis in Kosovo

  • Co-ordinated health services and international NGOs in the delivery of emergency assistance

Key achievements:

  • Set up an Epidemiological Surveillance System

Emergency Operation Centre

2010 – present: EOC Global Health Consultant for WHO – World Health Organization – Eastern Mediterranean Region

  • Provided technical support to the Emergency Operation Centre at the MoH in Jordan

  • Provided technical consultation and support to develop the Emergency Response Plan and Standard Operating Procedure for managing the Command Control Centre (CCC) in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

  • Established an EOC to implement the International Health Regulations (IHR) in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Mother & Child Health

2001 – 2005: MCH International Health Consultant for UNICEF Uganda Country Office / Azerbaijan Country Office / FYR of Macedonia

  • Field implementation for immunization and outreach activities. Scaling of Home Based Care (Uganda)

  • Managed implementation and monitoring of the health and nutrition activities in the Annual Work Plan (Azerbaijan)

  • Acted as HIV/AIDS focal point. Represented Unicef on the Country Coordinating Mechanism set up by the MoH for management of Global Fund for AIDS, TB, Malaria (Azerbaijan)

  • Managed all projects in Health and Nutrition. Planned the 2002-2004 programme cycle (Macedonia)

  • Developed projects on Primary Health Care, HIV/AIDS prevention, Social Mobilisation, Health Promotion & Education, EPI, Refugees relief, Breastfeeding Promotion, Assistance to Intravenous Drug Users (Macedonia)

  • Supervised the EU-ECHO funded project: “Baby friendly Hospital Initiative” (Macedonia)

  • Upgraded the level of care in the maternity wards and trained in-service medical staff (Macedonia)

Key achievements

  • Immunisation and Rapid Health Assessment of refugee population (Macedonia)

  • Organized National or Sub-National Vaccination Campaigns (Uganda, Macedonia)