Our staff offers a new weekend schedule in Barcelona, Rome or Madrid especially developed for patients in the european area asking for Dr. Davoli surgery. It consists in placement in the clinic, preoperative laboratory tests, as well as the operation itself is performed on weekend.

Our duties include the organization of the patient’s departure for treatment abroad and his escort.

We take responsibility for the treatment according to the approved plan:
  • the appointment of consultations with Dr. Davoli,
  • the preparation of hospitalization in the clinic,
  • the booking of hotels or apartments,
  • the provision of interpreter services,
  • the organization of transfers and relocations,
  • assist in the issuing of visas,
  • booking air tickets,
  • and also organization of rest for patients, who want to undergo treatment abroad and forget about their problem.

All the efforts of the patient are aimed only at an early recovery, and we are engaged in all organizational issues. 

Experienced employees, who know medical terminology and are familiar with the organization of the treatment process in clinics who are ready to provide both professional and psychological support.

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Rates of interventions within the European average