Excessive sweating, named hyperhidrosis, is a quite common phenomenon which affects almost 2% of population with negative impact on the quality of life.

It is generally assumed that hyperhidrosis is due to anxiety. On the contrary , excessive unjustified sweating provokes anxiety and embarrassment to the patient who is involved in an uncontrollable pain chain.

It is by now proven that hyperhidrosis is generally determined by constitutional factors: an over-reactive response of the sympathetic nerve is caused by a slight alteration of its structure.


Each single case is unique and demands appropriate and accurate diagnosis by an expert. Due to his clinical experience, Dr. Davoli can evaluate and prescribe the most appropriate therapy.

There are some conservative therapies that may reduce or temporarily eliminate the discomfort. Yet conservative therapies – psychological, botulin, antiperspirants, creams, medicines – are less and less prescribed because it is definitely recognized by the latest medical guidelines that the clamping of the sympathetic nerve is the procedure of choice for hyperhidrosis.


Uncontrollable excessive hand sweating is known as palmar hyperhidrosis. The age of onset is usually infancy or adolescence and may be associated to excessive plantar sweating. It is the most common type of hyperhidrosis with different degrees of severity: from mild interdigital wetness to dripping.

It is a highly stressful and embarrassing condition: wet or sweaty hands can be a social and an occupational impairment. The most effective and definitive therapy for sweaty hands is the surgical intervention known as selective clamping of the sympathetic nerve.

Dr. Davoli has attained significant experience in the surgical procedure for hyperhidrosis and taking advantage of the latest endoscopic techniques can evaluate what segment of the sympathetic chain is responsible for excessive sweating.


Excessive sweating of face and scalp, known as cranio-facial hyperhidrosis, is a common condition that affects important aspects of quality of life including physical, psychological and social dimensions.

It can manifest itself since early childhood and have a genetic transmission.

It can be associated to facial blushing (erythrophobia). Often menopause worsens the disorder to such an extent as to make it continue and unbearable.

The permanent solution to cranio-facial hyperhidrosis is the minimally invasive surgical procedure known as thoracoscopic selective clamping of the sympathetic nerve.

Cranio-facial hyperhidrosis often presents complex clinical pictures. Dr.Davoli performs this procedure with remarkable therapeutical success and minimal occurrence of compensatory sweating.


Axillary hyperhidrosis is characterized by cold, emotional and unnecessary sweating. Personal relationships and professional life can be largely affected by this common condition which often manifests in adolescence.

The disorder is caused by an overactivity of some nervous ganglia of the sympathetic trunk which control the sweat glands. The latest surgical technique provides the application of surgical titanium clips which compress the sympathetic nerve and reduce its impulse.

Dr. Davoli is a leading expert and performs the procedure of selective clamping of the sympathetic nerve with excellent success rate for the permanent solution to axillary hyperhidrosis.


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