Volunteer work represents my contribution to the diffusion and accessibility of the best practise even in the absence of developed Health Systems.

Since 1999, through the institution of a charity fund, I have been able to promote and support several projects which aimed at reducing such developmental divide.

Solidarity Work - Camps and projects

1982 – 1997:  Italy, Turin
  • Assistance to disabled people at the Cottolengo Hospital

1993 – 1994:  Italy, Rome
  • General and Tropical Medicine, Outpatient Surgery, Ultrasound Diagnostics at the Caritas Health Centre for Immigrants and Indigent People

1995 – 1996:  Former Yugoslavia
  • Humanitarian Relief in Croatia during the war conflict

1997:  Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Set up and developed a Reorganisation and Support Project for a Health District

1997:  Brazil
  • Set up a Specialised Medical Care Programme for infants affected by craniofacial anomalies in San Paulo

1999: Established a non profit organization: children onlus – charity fund- (www.childrenonlus.it)

2000: Guatemala
  • Interventions of General, Gynaecologic, Plastic, Reconstructive, Paediatric Surgery at the “Hermano Pedro” Catholic Mission in Antigua (children onlus)

2001:  Ivory Coast
  • Surgical Campaign for children affected by Buruli Disease at the Italian Catholic Mission in Zouan-Hounien (children onlus)

2001: Republic of South Africa
  • Established pre-primary education institutions in rural areas (children onlus)
  • Support to safety place for AIDS orphans (children onlus)

2002:  Togo
  • Interventions of General, Obstetric, Gynaecologic, Traumatic and Paediatric Surgery at the St. Joseph Catholic Mission in Datcha (children onlus)

2005:  Uganda
  • Interventions of Plastic, Reconstructive, Orthopaedic Surgery at the Lacor Hospital in Gulu (children onlus)

2009:  Ethiopia
  • Interventions of General, Plastic, Reconstructive Surgery at the HEWO Hospital in Quihà

2019: Tanzania
  • Interventions of General, Obstetric, Gynecologic, Pediatric, Reconstructive, Traumatic Surgery at the Monastery of Mvimwa

2021: Tanzania
  • Set up and developed a Reorganization and Implementation Plan for Health Care Center at the Monastery of Mvimwa