Excessive sweating of hands, armpits and feet often occurs in childhood or adolescence causing considerable functional discomfort. Affected teenagers can experience a much more negative impact on the quality of their lives due to the social pressures prevalent at this age.

Hyperhidrosis in adolescence can be episodic and temporary and, as such, can resolve once the young patient enters maturity. In other cases it can be severe enough to be perceived as pathological.

For this reason it is always important to make an accurate and correct diagnosis and, in case an "Idiopathic Neuropathy of the Autonomic Nervous System" is ascertained, the intervention of "Selective Clamping of the Sympathetic Nerve" is now also possible for paediatric patients.

Dr. Davoli has, in fact, introduced this new technique at the Bambino Gesù Children Hospital in Rome, where as advisor surgeon he has started a new service for adolescent patients with hyperhidrosis, erythrophobia, Raynaud's Syndrome and other rare heart diseases such as Paroxysmal Tachycardia (PSVT) and Long QT Syndrome (LQTS).

The Bambino Gesù Children Hospital – leading health care centre – is the only one in Italy and among the few in Europe to have adopted among its protocols the procedure of "Selective Clamping of the Sympathetic Nerve", recognized by the most up-to-date international guidelines as the most effective and correct therapeutic option for this Neuropathy.


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