Dr. Davoli is one of the most experienced surgeons in Europe for the surgical therapy of Hyperhidrosis, Erythrophobia and Raynaud’s Syndrome. Throughout the past 10 years he has been developing and perfecting the latest technique which he routinely performs for the definitive treatment of these pathologies.

  • 2010 – starts Surgery Service of the Sympathetic Nerve in Italy, where he presently practises and collaborates with leading medical facilities JCI certified
  • 2012 – starts Surgery Service of the Sympathetic Nerve in Europe
  • 2013 – introduces Surgery Service of the Sympathetic Nerve to the Santa Elena Clinic in Madrid and the Nostra Senyora del Remei Clinic in Barcelona

As leading expert in the specialty, Dr. Davoli performs the clamping procedure by applying new generation titanium clips, according to the most updated international guidelines (Mayo Clinic, John Hopkins University), therefore without any cut of the nerve


The relevant experience attained allows Dr. Davoli and his surgical team to operate with precision and safety providing high success rate (98%) for the permanent solution to hyperhidrosis and facial blushing


Dr. Davoli and his team can offer a new service – specially designed for patients from abroad – which provides admission to hospital, routine preoperative lab tests and intervention on Saturday then hospital discharge on Sunday



Excessive sweating, named hyperhidrosis, is a quite common phenomenon which affects almost 2% of population with negative impact on the quality of life.

It is generally assumed that hyperhidrosis is due to anxiety. On the contrary , excessive unjustified sweating provokes anxiety and embarrassment to the patient who is involved in an uncontrollable pain chain.

It is by now proven that hyperhidrosis is determined by constitutional factors: an over-reactive response of the sympathetic nerve is caused by a slight alteration of its structure.



Excessive and repeated facial blushing may become a discomfort that affects everyday life and causes social anxiety. It is commonly assumed that it is provoked by anxiety, nervousness and emotional reactions, but it is caused by a slight alteration of the sympathetic nerve structure – in particular of the second ganglion – responsible of the increased blood supply to face vessels.

There are various solutions that may be prescribed for each single case upon accurate medical evaluation: psychotherapy, medicins, surgery.



Dr. Claudio Hernan Corsi

Surgical assistant in Barcelona

Dr. Carlos Fernández Galván

Anesthetist in Madrid

Dra. Chiara Cavallotti

Surgical assistant in Roma

Dr. Antonio Rosanò

Surgical assistant in Torino




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Even though sympathectomy is a controversial subject, it is scientifically proven that endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy is among the most effective surgical procedures with the highest success rate. Thanks to the adoption of advanced technology and surgical procedures developed in the U.S. and in Europe, patients report complete satisfaction.

Dr. Davoli’s patient care provides beforehand and post-operative interviews with patients. Besides, careful follow-ups made with patients after two years, yield encouraging results: 97,6% is completely satisfied with the outcome and would repeat / would recommend it.

The natural function of perspiration is to maintain constant blood temperature; therefore, compensatory sweating is simply due to necessary thermoregulation under certain conditions such as hot weather or heavy activity.
Generally no other noticeable post operative adverse effect or side effect has been reported. Patients generally report improvement to face and head hydration, wrinkles reduction and increased scalp blood supply.


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