I strongly believe that abilities and knowledge should be shared and be accessible on a global level according to a multidisciplinary approach. My engagement with Health Management proceeds from and is strengthened by clinical competency in the field. Therefore, throughout the last 28 years of my professional experience as surgeon, I have approached and committed myself to Global Health and the Development and Management of Public Health Systems.

As Global Consultant on Public Health I have had the opportunity to cooperate with the main international institutions (Unicef, WHO, ICRC, Msf) and attain significant experience in the following fields:

  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Disaster Preparedness & Response
  • Emergency Operation Centre
  • Mother & Child Health
  • International Health Regulation
  • Migrant Health
  • Executive Training

I am presently Senior Advisor of the DPR Development Plan at the Ministry of Health of Jordan, and will be involved in a project promoted by the WHO – World Health Organization – on the EOC Development Plan in Jordan and Afghanistan.


Dr Davoli is editor of the book "A practical tool for the preparation of a hospital crisis preparedness plan, with special focus on pandemic influenza"

Global Health Educational Degrees

  • Diploma on Tropical Medicine & Hygiene – Royal College of Physicians of London

  • Master on Tropical Surgery – University of Rome, “La Sapienza”

  • ICHM – International Master Course on Health Management – Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Rome

  • AHLF – Advanced Global Health Leadership Forum – Berkeley University, San Francisco – USA

Emergency Medical Services

2005 –2009:EMS Programme Manager for WHO – World Health Organization – European Office – Barcelona – Spain

  • Strengthened the core functions of the Health Systems of all Member States of the WHO – European Region (Europe and Central Asia)

  • Promoted an integrated model of a national policy for a network of emergency system

  • Advised Ministries of Health of the European Region of the WHO to strengthen capacity to deliver Emergency Care

  • Assisted Governments and MoHs in the application to international funding and granting mechanisms

  • Supervised the EU funded project on “Assessing effectiveness of EMS systems in Europe and strenghtening coordination mechanisms among EU member States”

Key achievements

  • Published the book “Emergency Medical Systems in the European Union“

Disaster Preparedness & Response

2004 – 2009: DPR Co-ordinator and Member of the Support Team for WHO – World Health Organization – European Office – Barcelona – Spain

  • Integrated the EMS and the Disaster Preparedness & Response programmes with functional and operational links. Collaborated with DPR to the planning of the unit

  • Contributed to the upsurge capacity of the organization in time of disasters & emergencies
Key achievements:

1998: DPR Head of Office for WHO – World Health Organization – European Office – Kosovo – Serbia-Montenegro

  • Planned contingency for emergency preparedness in the verge of the refugee crisis in Kosovo

  • Co-ordinated health services and international NGOs in the delivery of emergency assistance

Key achievements:

  • Set up an Epidemiological Surveillance System

Emergency Operation Centre

2010 – present: EOC Global Health Consultant for WHO – World Health Organization – Eastern Mediterranean Region

  • Provided technical support to the Emergency Operation Centre at the MoH in Jordan

  • Provided technical consultation and support to develop the Emergency Response Plan and Standard Operating Procedure for managing the Command Control Centre (CCC) in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

  • Established an EOC to implement the International Health Regulations (IHR) in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Mother & Child Health

2001 – 2005: MCH International Health Consultant for UNICEF Uganda Country Office / Azerbaijan Country Office / FYR of Macedonia

  • Field implementation for immunization and outreach activities. Scaling of Home Based Care (Uganda)

  • Managed implementation and monitoring of the health and nutrition activities in the Annual Work Plan (Azerbaijan)

  • Acted as HIV/AIDS focal point. Represented Unicef on the Country Coordinating Mechanism set up by the MoH for management of Global Fund for AIDS, TB, Malaria (Azerbaijan)

  • Managed all projects in Health and Nutrition. Planned the 2002-2004 programme cycle (Macedonia)

  • Developed projects on Primary Health Care, HIV/AIDS prevention, Social Mobilisation, Health Promotion & Education, EPI, Refugees relief, Breastfeeding Promotion, Assistance to Intravenous Drug Users (Macedonia)

  • Supervised the EU-ECHO funded project: “Baby friendly Hospital Initiative” (Macedonia)

  • Upgraded the level of care in the maternity wards and trained in-service medical staff (Macedonia)

Key achievements

  • Immunisation and Rapid Health Assessment of refugee population (Macedonia)

  • Organized National or Sub-National Vaccination Campaigns (Uganda, Macedonia)